• How to Format Your Spreadsheet for Bulk Geocoding

    In this guide, we’ll describe the way to prepare your spreadsheet for use with Geocodify’s Spreadsheet Uploader to ensure the highest accuracy in geocoding results. This write-up is a structured guide inspired by the instructional content available in the video below. For visual step-by-step instructions, refer to the linked video. Our Spreadsheet Uploader is designed […]

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  • Understanding the Null Coalescing Operator (??) in JavaScript in ECMAScript 2020

    ECMAScript 2020 has a new operator for managing undefined and null values: ??. The ECMAScript 2020 specification has a new operator for managing undefined or null values. The null coalescing operator will take an initial variable/expression/statement and attempt to use it. In the event that it is either undefined or null, the second operand, appearing […]

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